Utah Action Guide

Please join the fight to make common sense Midwifery laws a reality in Utah!

Major supporters of home birth in utah include the Utah Eagle Forum and the Libertas Institute. Both believe in the right to life for babies in Utah but are unaware that homebirth kills infants that would otherwise live. You can reach the Utah Eagle Forum at Utaheagleforum@gmail.com . The Libertas Institute can be reached through the “contact” link on their web page. 

STEP ONE: Find your state representatives. TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK!

In the lower lefthand corner of this website you can find out who represents you!

You can also contact relevant committee members.

Click on ‘members’ to get the contact information for members in the Health and Human Services committee, or the Child Welfare Legislative Oversight Panel (after all, it is usually babies that pay the price when parents choose home birth with a direct entry midwife).

If you can talk to someone in person or on the phone that may be more effective, but even sending an email would help.

If you need some help figuring out what to say, here is an outline you can use or edit to your purposes:

Subject- Direct Entry Midwifery Act


I am a citizen and a voter, and I am extremely concerned about the midwifery laws in Utah.  Letting unlicensed and under-qualified people deliver babies is a dangerous mistake that I would like to see remedied. I don’t understand why someone needs a license to cut hair or handle food but not to deliver a baby.  A political action group called Safer Midwifery in Utah has been formed to rally support behind this cause they can be found at (safermidwiferyutah.wordpress.com).  What can I do to help Utah’s legislature remedy the situation?

Thank you,

-(your name)

The About page summarizes the aims of this organization, but if you have other ideas (like outlawing CPM deliveries) feel free to add them. Anything we can do to make out of hospital birth safer is a worthy pursuit.

2. Contact other people in your community to spread awareness of this issue

Talk to friends, loved ones, health care professionals, church members, ANYONE who might be interested in protecting Utah’s moms and babies from under-qualified lay midwives. You can share our facebook page if you would rather not pick up a phone or talk to your neighbors.

3. Contact the Utah Medical Association

Here is the contact information. The UMA is our best bet to get real support from experts for legislation. The CEO is most likely the best person to contact, however contacting additional officers could not hurt. These are people who can share testimony of having to clean up after lay midwives when they make mistakes.

4. Contact your federal representatives to let them know that you do not support the use of non-nurse midwives or out of hospital birth.

currently Orrin Hatch has only heard the midwive’s side of the story, and is supportive of out of hospital birth. It is not likely that home birth legislation will come before the senate or house soon, but if it does it is important that our senators and reps know where the average person stands.

Contact senator Orrin Hatch

Contact Senator Mike Lee

Contact Congressman Jason Chaffetz 

Contact Congressman Jim Matheson

Contact Congressman Rob Bishop

Contact Congressman Christ Stewart

You can sign a petition requesting licensing and insurance for all midwives in utah by clicking here.

If you can think of a helpful group or person to contact please email me at Skeptifemblog@gmail.com


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