Another baby dies in a Utah home birth, and the mother is a home birth midwife

Camille Sorensen Wilcox, a Utah home birth midwife, is burying one of her sons. She was pregnant with twin boys and one of them did not make it because of complications from the birth. Camille is the daughter of Vickie Sorensen, who is currently facing manslaughter charges for presiding over a DIFFERENT twin birth that also resulted in a death.

Camille was actively involved in the death at her mother’s birth center according to media reports, she made phone calls on behalf of the birth center and seems to have been there when the fatality happened, as well as this near miss with a twin that would not breathe after birth.

Why on earth would Wilcox risk her son’s life at a home birth after seeing twins die, or nearly die, at deliveries outside of the hospital? Babies that needed life saving equipment that is only available at a hospital?

Camille Wilcox, as a home birth midwife, is brainwashed into thinking that birth is “as safe as life gets”, that twin births are “a variation of normal” instead of a risk factor. A midwife has a responsibility to her patients to communicate the risk of a choice accurately, but in the case of home birth midwives they don’t even believe the risk is there, so they cannot reliably tell you about it. This is why home birth needs to be regulated. Usually when a baby dies at a home birth I see people blaming the mother, saying she was uneducated or picked the wrong midwife, but this mother is a midwife whose lineage is midwifery, whose mother delivers babies with her. This proves that no amount of “education” in home birth midwifery, or “natural child birth”, will protect children whose mothers choose to have a baby at home. Home birth midwives are a risk to the public health of newborns in Utah.

Camille was warned directly of the risks inherent in a twin pregnancy. You can see her mocking an OBGYN’s warning on facebook here:

camille wilcox obgyn

(the image reads “Ok, so I had an OB pull the “mortality rate goes up at 38 weeks” card on me this week, and I was wondering- What EXACTLY is the mortality rate for di/di twins before 38 weeks, and after? Gail Hart?) 

Gail Hart is another midwife. I am sure that the Midwifery Community assured her that she was fine to have a baby at home, because that’s what midwives do even in the face of unquestionable danger, like these midwives (including a Utah midwife) did in another case that ALSO lead to a fatality.

Now the family is asking for funds to bury their child. Like most home birth disasters an emergency transport was required but did not stave off the inevitable.

camille wilcox transportation cost

On a related note, Vickie Sorensen is still committed to delivering babies. Her trial was postponed until January, and she made this announcement (AFTER the death of her grandson in a home birth in June, mind you):

vickie sorensen still working

I have reached out to the Utah Midwive’s Organization for a statement about the appropriateness of twin births being attended at home but I’m not optimistic about getting a response. From all outward appearances this looks very bad for midwifery because babies are dying left and right in home births and no one wants to be responsible for it. This underscores just how little deaths affect practice standards. If a baby dies from a practice in a hospital and the hospital is alerted, the hospital changes the policy. Midwives just ignore when the data shows they are causing death or injury and double down on their beliefs. Statistics show that home birth will be a victim of its own popularity- the more babies born at home, the more babies will die in completely preventable ways, spurring change. If people band together and become politically active perhaps that can be avoided and home birth fatalities can be prevented by legislation. Each death is a life shattered, a baby dying in agony, siblings who will never meet their brother or sister, empty arms of parents and broken heart. Preventing even one death is a worthy cause. If you feel moved to do something about the state of home birth in Utah please use the action guide at the top of the page.

2 thoughts on “Another baby dies in a Utah home birth, and the mother is a home birth midwife

  1. Stop harping on a Mothe’s choice to have a home birth or go to a midwifery birthing center. Doctors everyday in many hospitals see babies die. Its not that a home birth is anymore dangerous. Actually a hospital pretty much requires you to give birth in the most painful position. Lying on your back where doctors have all the glory looking at your privates- which is so invassive and demoralizing- and forcing gravity to work against you when trying to birth. Not to mention those stupid stirrups for your feet force your perineum to stretch taunt instead of being alowd to be relaxed to ease baby out on their own. With the hospital method your more likely to tear all the worse with your feet in the stirrups.
    The woman’s body is created to give birth. Therefore a woman should be allowed to birth naturally in the position she chooses. Its perfectly natural to birth a baby by being able to move your body into any position to aid the baby’s descent out into the world. Let gravity work for you.
    We are seeing more cesarian births at hospitals because the doctors have better things to do and want to speed up the delivery. So they give you pitocin which seriously stresses the unborn and forces the mother to experiences harder faster contractions that she and her body aren’t prepared for. She becomes fatiqued and discouraged that she can’t go on. She asks for the epidural which takes away pain, but it also slows down labor. And eventually the doctor says its taking too long-because he has bigger agendas then your well being- and declares you won’t get the right to birth your own baby, he’ll just give you to the surgeons, and pull the baby out of your stomach. The hospital staff will say they saved the baby, but if they had allowed you to birth in any position off your back you wouldn’t have needed all the medicine that dominoed to the cesarian in the first place. Sometimes its necessary but in most cases its not.
    God will take home whom he knows doesn’t need an experience on earth. If the child dies its because the spirit of that child was so righteous they didn’t need to battle the filth of this world to prove themselves.
    A mother should be allowed to choose how much intervention or how very little she wants in birthing her babies. The mother knows best how to birth her baby. Her body will tell her when to push and she should allow gravity to work for her when delivering her baby.
    Giving birth is just as private as sex is. Get out of other people’s busines, and allow them the privacy they deserve.

    • if you look at stats from MANA, the Midwives Association of North America (and compare them to hospital data sets instead of just reading the press release) it shows that home birth is quite clearly more dangerous than hospital birth. The mana stats project showed an astronomical increase in deaths in VBAC, breech, and twin births. MANA still thinks its a good idea to have a home birth with a high risk pregnancy despite its own numbers. Let me be clear about this- the MANA stats project is voluntary numbers from midwives, so midwives with bad numbers could choose not to submit those. It is cherry picked data that still shows that home birth is dangerous. The real numbers are likely much, much worse. What does all that mean? It means the majority of babies that die in home births would have survived had they been born in hospitals. The midwives association in utah is dead set against any common sense legislation that would save babies. And you want me to just be quiet about that? You don’t have a compelling reason in light of the fact that lives may be saved by sharing this information.

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