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  1. I am the grandmother you mentioned in the Vickie Sorensen trial. Searching for answers and healing. Thank you for your courage to speak out for those who can no longer speak, the babies who never got a chance and the trail of tears from families along the way. I am abhorred that direct entry midwives have no disclipline for inadequate equipment or training. It saddens me to think that there will be more emergencies for which they are not prepared for and no consequences. My peace will come and my family’s as well because We are Christians and it is through His healing balm that We will become whole again . Such a needless tragedy. Bless you for courageously taking on the lions and exposing the injustices and thank you for your words which validates and begins the healing journey for me. Jill

    • My condolences for your family, I am so glad that I was able to bring you some solace. The advantage that DEMs have over the rest of us is being organized politically. We can beat them with enough people and effort on behalf of common sense in the state. Let me know if I can do anything else to help. take care

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