Terrifying search term of the day

someone found my blog by googling “can a midwife legally let a patient gi past 42 weeks”

To answer your question (in Utah), an unlicensed midwife can do whatever she wants to. A licensed midwife is supposed to demand a consult, but might compromise by fudging your due date or otherwise falsifying records (I’ve seen it more than once online as a measure to “save” women from having to get an OB consult).

43 week risk

Of course its a really, really bad idea to go past 42 weeks (or arguably 40 weeks) for reasons illustrated above. The placenta ages and is less able to provide adequate blood and oxygen during contractions, which may contribute to fetal distress, hypoxia, or death during labor. The stillbirth chart is not an all inclusive profile of the risk of going overdue, but it certainly is a scary one. Unless your baby’s heart stops beating while you are already in the hospital there is no real chance of survival. Choose wisely.


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