Better Birth delivers another blue baby

I hope everyone is okay. It is just a matter of time until another preventable death crops up because of a lack of common sense regulations on home birth midwives in Utah.

Shame On Better Birth

bloody pool pale babybloody pool at bb

Another day, another blue baby.  This blue baby with no pulse was also born at better birth awhile back, perhaps even in the same tub. I have no idea why home birth advocates post such horrifying photos from water births and gush over them.  I’ve seen more smiling moms holding blue, floppy babies in tubs full of blood (and come on, sometimes urine and feces are in the mix, too…) than I can count at this point. Here are a couple (the following photos are not from better birth):

floppy blue breech baby 2-9-15RZucker

Water birth has claimed at least one life. Home birth midwives inability to detect problems in babies and address them has claimed countlesslives, and they do indeed see floppy blue babies as the norm despite the fact that in hospital they most certainly are not. The risk of brain injury resulting from oxygen…

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