No Remorse

Vickie Sorensen, a midwife charged with negligently killing a baby, is going to trial.

I have seen people die when I worked in health care. I saw the deep sadness that surrounded those cases, as well as the institutional review systems in place that were meant to analyze what could be done differently next time. Home birth midwifery seems to lack both of those things. Providers who are under review after a death rarely feel persecuted because they know the gravity of the situation and would rather be held responsible. This is what we see from midwives, time after time:

vickie sorensen is going to a jury trialPeople familiar with the reported facts of the case would find it to be totally preposterous to dismiss these charges. Vickie instead feels entitled to a dismissal on the grounds of “common sense”.

None of this has stopped Vickie from delivering babies, by the way. That is because there is nothing in place to stop anyone from delivering babies in the state, even the serially negligent or incompetent. All they have to do is brand themselves a midwife, and legally they are one. It seems like if a midwife is being charged with reckless endangerment and manslaughter in relation to her practice, she should be monitored or sanctioned somehow until the justice system has determined innocence or guilt. This reminds me very much of the Josh Powell case, there was nothing in place to prevent him from visiting his children despite being the prime suspect in the murder of their mother. That lack of legislation cost lives, just like the lack of legislation of midwives in Utah has cost lives. No one involved with the Direct Entry Midwifery Practice Act is willing to be accountable for the lives lost. Not only do they not feel responsible, they don’t even feel sorry.


8 thoughts on “No Remorse

  1. I feel the same way. The non sanctions puzzle me. How are other women going to know about their trial and error if NARM doesn’t publically display their sanctions. That’s why blogs are important to get the word out. So sad.

    • I saw an article on the topic on fox 13’s website. Deseret news banned my account without explanation and would not communicate with me via email when I attempted to get an explanation, so… I haven’t been able to comment there specifically. If you would like to mention the Vickie Sorensen trial and the lack of legislation at deseret new’s website I would greatly appreciate it.

      • That’s completely irresponsible for the DN to do. I checked at KSL’s website and their story includes a comment from Holly Richardson, who said “licensure should not be used as a means to keep people out of the profession who could otherwise be practicing.” I just have no words.

        Nobody has commented there yet:

  2. Vickie is my Aunt. She has delivered OVER 1,000!!!! babies. She knows what she is doing, and is far from clueless. She has family after family who love her for the things she has done for them and the wonderful home births she has enabled them to have. The truth will come out in the trial. All you are going off of right now is media reports, which twist and stretch the truth as far as they can. She is in no way serially negligent, or incompetent. She wasn’t charge with this until years after it took place, if their case was so solid I wonder why it took so long.

    • Are you able to enlighten me about what really happened? I am interested and will retract any statement that you can demonstrate is false and apologize for having written it. I have no interest in sensationalizing or reporting false information. Thank you for commenting.

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