Utah Midwives are afraid of this website

I am currently being threatened with legal action unless I hand over my blogs to a midwife’s attorney, they are demanding that I agree to never speak of them negatively again. They have never actually told me what was wrong on my website (as I am eager to correct any errors), or why they would need access to ex home birthers. They are threatened by someone pointing out the truth about direct entry midwifery in the state of Utah.

I will not be bullied into silence. I have the first amendment right to talk about my political beliefs and to lobby for changes to the law in my state. I’m willing to fight this as long as necessary to let parents in Utah know that there are more legal requirements for driving a car than calling yourself a midwife and delivering babies. 

If anything goes down I will be contacting Ken White of Popehat, who has been extremely effective at finding pro-bono help for bloggers who have been sued to try and curtail freedom of speech. I’m prepared for whatever happens. 


2 thoughts on “Utah Midwives are afraid of this website

  1. This sounds suspiciously like SLAPP suit, and Utah is one of the states that offers statutory protection against such actions. You may be able to hit them back with an anti-SLAPP suit. I would search for someone with experience in that area. California has had quite a few of these cases, so if your friend can’t find anyone local, you might look there. Best of luck!

    • Thank you for your well wishes. I have some plans if it actually happens, but I don’t even really care if I lose and have to stop talking. I gotta feel okay with the choices I’ve made, and the babies and moms that suffer from an unregulated medical practice matter more to me than my own financial well being.

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