Not even sorry

I’ve covered the VIckie Sorensen manslaughter charges extensively before, but I thought readers might be interested in the absolute lack of remorse on vickie’s part for her role in the death of a newborn.

vickie sorensen cheers to my haters

vickie sorensen witch cartoon


vickie sorensen haters

vickie sorensen status stringing up midwives

She also made a point of accusing valley view medical center of having a conspiracy against home birth mothers.

valley view medical center accusations



2 thoughts on “Not even sorry

  1. For those who have been mistreated/abused/neglected or who have witnessed mistreatment/abuse/negligence in an out-of-hospital setting by a midwife, please read and consider sharing your story:

    Dawn Thompson from Improving Birth came to a Facebook group I am in to share a post about hospital trauma and mistreatment, a part of their photo project this summer.

    In the comments of the post, she said that they want to advocate for ALL women.

    We are hoping she is being sincere… that she advocates for all women, no matter where they gave birth… that their stories deserve to be heard if their were mistreated.

    If you feel comfortable, you might consider taking part in their photo project. This is 100% up to you… don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable.

    If you do choose to submit a photo, let me know, please.

    Here are the instructions.

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