unlicensed midwives and their dangerous practices

Here is a look at how one unlicensed midwife chose to operate (likely due to the lack of accountability for her actions). This part is telling:

She practices near one of the largest Amish communities in the US in a state where lay midwives operate in a “gray area” legally. She likes it that way because the Amish women don’t question her, trust her implicitly, and will not pursue litigation or repercussions of any kind. They call her for any kind of medical questions they have, even outside of women’s health, and she freely dispenses medical advice over the phone without seeing the patient in question. Sometimes her advice even contradicts a doctor’s advice. . .guess whose opinion carries the most weight?

If you think that Utah midwives are operating any differently…you are in for a surprise.

practicing medicine I have already covered some midwives practicing medicine in my posts titled “seriously?” and “seriously? part 2“, but above is a post from the vickie sorensen support page talking about the same behavior from a midwife who was recently charged with manslaughter in connection with a baby’s death. They are using the words of people who openly discuss vickie sorensen acting outside her scope of practice, and they think that proves that she is a wonderful person instead of an irresponsible person. This seems to absolutely be the norm for midwives, although when they lobby for legislation to keep unlicensed midwifery legal, they claim that midwifery is different from medicine. They have to claim that. If they told the truth then it would logically follow that they need to obtain a license and insurance to practice.


2 thoughts on “unlicensed midwives and their dangerous practices

  1. Hello! I am a pediatrician practicing in Logan. I have also practiced in another state and recently moved back to Utah to be closer to family. I previously never knew about the extremely lax attitude and laws regulating home births and midwives in the state of Utah until I started working in pediatrics and I am absolutely appalled!!! In just my short year working in Utah, I have already been involved in a couple of home births gone wrong, one which ended tragically. It also makes me extremely frustrated to see these individuals provided inappropriate and incorrect medical advice, especially as you say, advice that is way beyond their scope of practice. I have gone through over a decade of training and practice to obtain the knowledge I have to advise and treat patients and I get extremely upset when someone distorts or misuses people’s trust and provides inaccurate information that has taken me so long to study and learn. Thank you for your work and research. I have signed your petition!

    • Thank you so much. Don’t forget to check the action guide link in the top left corner so you know how to contact your representatives. They are ultimately the ones who can change the law to require a license and insurance.

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