It was just a matter of time

Previously on this blog, I’ve made a point of warning Utah’s midwifery community that another preventable home birth death was inevitable, and that we should push for legislation to protect moms and babies before its too late.

I’ve been proven correct, unfortunately. Vicki Sorensen has been charged in relation to a death caused by negligence in a home birth, and like other midwives before her she falsified records and refused to transport a mother (according to police documents, anyway). This practice is so common in home birth deaths that I find it very plausible, though to people who do not follow home birth deaths or issues it may seem outlandish.

The salt lake tribune reports that there have been more deaths under Sorensen’s care.

Midwives in the state are likely to claim that this is just a ‘rogue’ midwife, like they did when Valerie El Halta killed a baby in a home birth in our state, but make no mistake; Vicki Sorensen is a pillar of the Utah Midwifery community, and the right of people like her to practice midwifery any way they choose to is exactly what the Utah Midwive’s Organization wants. If midwives did not support this kind of behavior they would not be throwing a fundraiser for her, now would they?

I will be continuing my coverage of this death tomorrow. I send my condolences to the family that lost their children and hope that something positive can come from this death. Click the ‘action guide’ sidebar if you want to help to pass laws to prevent another tragedy in the future.


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