Public defender appointed for woman accused of killing six newborns

This woman smothered and strangled newborns because she did not want them. The outrage at this case has made me wonder how the average Utahan would feel about home birth if they knew that it was associated with a massive increase in newborn deaths. Utah midwives let newborn babies die (usually by suffocation) because they lack the skills and training to prevent or treat fatal problems during childbirth. The babies that die in home birth are not any less precious, and they are desperately wanted by their parents (who were convinced home birth was safer than the hospital). The midwives are unlikely to serve any time in jail. Even one life lost is too many.

PROVO — A woman accused of killing six of her own newborn babies appeared in court Monday morning.

Megan Huntsman, 39, appeared before Judge Claudia Laycock at the 4th Judicial District Court in Provo.

A public defender was appointed for Huntsman Monday morning, but she still hasn’t been charged in connection with the alleged murders.

Huntsman was arrested on April 12 after police discovered the bodies of seven infants in her former Pleasant Grove residence.

Police said Huntsman confessed to giving birth to seven babies at the home, then strangling or suffocating six of them immediately after they were born. The alleged murders occurred over a 10-year span that began in 1996.

According to a probable cause statement, Huntsman told detectives the seventh baby was stillborn.

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