preventable home birth death- not in Utah after all

I made an entry about a preventable home birth death earlier, and before details were confirmed it was possible that it took place in Utah. Looks like it was in Nevada, a neighboring state with midwifery laws as ineffective as Utah’s. An unlicensed midwife, Christy Collins, who had previously denied being the midwife, has been outed by a source that Dr Amy of the skeptical OB has verified. She posts a letter from the midwife to the family that is damning. It demonstrates the inadequate training and judgment of Direct Entry Midwives. These women refuse to regulate themselves. No one with adequate training or insurance would have allowed this situation to end in mortality.

Let the Nevada state legislature know about what happened and that residents of Nevada deserve better. Here are the email addresses for Nevada State Senators who would likely be interested in fixing the states lax midwifery laws. The full list of contact info can be found here.

Please email them, urging them to do something to prevent another tragedy from happening in Nevada.

UPDATE: Here is the letter I wrote to the legislators. Copy or modify it however you would like to.

Recently a Las Vegas midwife negligently let a woman go past 42 weeks of pregnancy with zero amniotic fluid present. For anyone unfamiliar with pregnancy, this is an extremely dangerous combination of risks that merits immediate medical attention. The midwife did not get immediate medical attention for the pregnant patient. The baby died because of the lack of care. Myself and many other people watched it happen in real time on facebook, because the midwife (Christy Collins) asked her friends what to do about the danger instead of using common sense.

There is nothing in the law to prevent this from happening again. Current Nevada laws allow for midwives like her to keep on practicing, and she intends to do so.
It is worth noting that Christy Collins was charged with practicing medicine without a license in California and seems to have moved to Nevada in order to keep practicing as a midwife under the lax laws.
The details of this horrifying case can be found at the following website:
There are many possibilities to try and prevent the next tragedy from happening, such as:
1. requiring midwives to be licensed by the state to practice, with harsh punishments for those who practice anyway
2. Strict transfer protocols for midwives regardless of licensing status
3. Making it illegal for a midwife who is disciplined in another state to practice in Nevada before the legal situation in the previous state is resolved
You are all smart people I am sure, and can come up with some solution to this problem. Please try to help. This story is getting a lot of attention online and I am fairly sure that it will pop up in local news soon. Being proactive will impress voters who will no doubt be outraged that this happened and could very well happen again.
Thank you so much,

4 thoughts on “preventable home birth death- not in Utah after all

  1. I emailed all of them! I used your email and just changed the wording a little bit here and there. Thank you for all the hard work you’re doing!

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