Prepare to witness some weapons grade idiocy on the Utah Midwives Organization facebook page.


never gives vitamin k“In my 34 years of serving as a midwife, I’ve always trusted that God wasn’t negligent in providing vitamin k for newborns.”

That’s a nice thought, but evidence doesn’t back it up. Not giving the shot causes a risk for brain bleeds for the newborn. This is an old school midwife and she doesn’t even offer basic preventative care for newborns because of some loopy belief about gods plan.


hernia question“I have a mom with a pretty big herniated belly button. She is using a belly band to keep it tucked in, but wonders what other things she could try. Natural remedies or anything?”

Another midwife recommends pilates or physical therapy. Depending on how serious the hernia is there could be many problems during labor for this woman. She needs to get checked out by a doctor, but instead utah midwives are crowd sourcing their patient care protocols on facebook. Publicly.


I have more to share, but it will have to wait until this weekend.




One thought on “Seriously?

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