Ester Werbach is still practicing, and better birth recommends her

This is pretty dang scandalous! I found a lot worse things on the Utah Midwives Association page and will be sharing it very soon.

Shame On Better Birth

I am absolutely, completely disgusted with every midwife in Utah right now.

I disclosed some gross negligence and sexual abuse by a midwife named Ester Werbach at Better Birth of Utah. She left Better Birth (or was fired, there is no way to know). I had assumed that since I had outed this woman for her behavior, in public, that she would have a difficult time getting anyone to hire her. I thought she wouldn’t be able to hurt someone else like she hurt me ever again.

I was wrong. It turns out that the natural birth community in utah is willing to aid my abuser in securing new patients.

I first found out about this while I was investigating the Utah Midwives Organization (for my other blog, Safer Midwifery in Utah). I listened to one of their meetings and it mentioned that Ester Werbach had passed her NARM…

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2 thoughts on “Ester Werbach is still practicing, and better birth recommends her

    • I reported forced vaginal exams and inappropriate sexual touching to the birth center owner, and then the police, then I sued. I went into the clinic with a history of abuse which I disclosed and assumed would be respected. The full story is locked down until some legal matters are resolved.

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