midwives college of utah dishonesty (AGAIN)

The way that a community responds to chronic problems is the measure of its integrity. So far I have not been impressed by the response of the Utah Natural Birth community to the chronic problems with Better Birth of Utah. Sign the petition to revoke this place as a clinical site for MCU. https://www.change.org/petitions/midwives-college-of-utah-revoke-better-birth-s-privilege-as-a-clinical-site-for-midwifery-students#

Shame On Better Birth

So, as many of you know, I attempted to report Better Birth of Utah to the Midwives College of Utah because I was concerned about the pattern of negligence that I discovered after being mistreated there. I found a string of women who had problems, doulas who wouldn’t rate the place nicely, ex students bad mouthing the place on Yelp! etc etc. Pretty serious problems, right? The college only made a note of the problem and refused to do anything else about the fact that midwifery students are learning from people who have been complicit in chronic negligent and refuse to take responsibility for it.

I also tried to contact the school after Better Birth broke its contract with several ex-clients by declaring that the multiple negative reviews are from people with mental illnesses that prevent them from perceiving labor ‘correctly’ (whatever the fuck that means). They say…

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