better birth lies about the safety of out of hospital birth

Utah midwives should not be allowed to get away with lying to patients. We deserve informed consent.

Shame On Better Birth

I was poking around better birth’s website the other day, and I was perplexed to find this pdf on their website (titled “The Advantages of Out of Hospital Birth”, by Suzanne Smith LDEM). the very first claim is a whopper:

Out-Of-Hospital Birth is Safer than
Hospital Birth
Yes, that’s right, safer. Scientific studies
from around the world show birth outside
a hospital with a competent midwife to be
the safest way for normal, healthy
pregnant women.

She bases this conclusion off of the fact that the vital statistics for Utah lists out of hospital birth as having a perinatal death rate that was lower than that in the hospital. She bases it off of only two years of data. Here is the table:


If you didn’t think about it for more than a few minutes it would seem a plausible claim, until you realize that hospitals take all…

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